Theragun G3 vs G3 Pro: We compare these two popular massagers for key differences

By John Laufer

April 24, 2020

Theragun is undoubtedly one of the top massage gun brands in the handheld massager space. In fact it was the first percussion massage device to come on the market back in 2016. Fast forward a few years and now there are hundred of Theragun alternatives, but Theragun still remains at or near the top as having the best massage guns on the market. 

Theragun's massagers are widely in use by recreational and professional athletes, trainers, massage therapists, as well as non-athletes. These massagers are ideal if you want the benefit of deep tissue massage and relief from sore muscles all from the comfort of your own home.

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In this guide, we look at the key differences  between the Theragun G3 and Theragun G3Pro. We dig into the key features and give our recommendation based on what you are looking for in a massage gun and your budget.

Key Differences: Theragun G3 VS G3Pro

As you can tell from the name, the G3Pro is the premium version between the two models. However both are very well built and you can't go wrong with either. But there are differences and one model may suit you more than another. Let's start with what you receive in the package when you order one.

Theragun G3 Review

Theragun G3

Theragun G3 Review

Theragun G3Pro

Theragun G3 packaging includes:

  • Travel Case
  • Power Adapter (not shown in photo)
  • Theragun G3Pro packaging includes:

  • Travel Case
  • Attachment Pouch
  • 2x Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  • Theragun attachments

    Attachments are what takes your percussion massage and makes it adaptable to various situations.

    The Theragun G3 comes with 4 attachments:

    • Standard Ball
    • Dampener
    • Thumb
    • Comb

    The Theragun G3 Pro comes with 2 additional attachments:

    • Large Ball
    • Wedge

    All attachments are made of comfortable closed-cell PU foam. They are easy to clean for a hygienic experience and they won’t absorb sweat, lotions, or oils. You can also buy replacement attachments in case they get lost or should they wear out. In our experience, we have found them to be very durable.

    Standard Ball - Theragun Attachment

    Standard Ball Attachment

    The Standard Ball attachment is provided with both models. It is designed for overall use for both large and small muscle groups.

    Dampener - Theragun Attachment

    Dampener Attachment

    The dampener attachment is provided with both models. It is designed mostly for tender or bony areas as well as overall use.

    Thumb - Theragun Attachment

    Thumb Attachment

    The thumb attachment is provided with both models. It is designed mostly for trigger points and the lower back.

    Cone - Theragun Attachment

    Cone Attachment

    The cone attachment is provided with both models. It is designed for pinpoint muscle treatment and smaller muscle groups like hands and feet.

    Large Ball - Theragun Attachment

    Large Ball Attachment

    The large ball attachment is provided with the G3 Pro model only. It is designed for large muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

    Wedge - Theragun attachment

    Wedge Attachment

    The wedge attachment is provided with the G3 Pro model only. It is designed for shoulder blades and IT bands.

    Battery Life

    One of the major differences between the two models is the battery life and how the units are powered.

    The G3 has a single, built-in rechargeable battery while the G3 Pro has two removable, snap-in rechargeable batteries much like your standard cordless power drill. The G3 Pro comes with a slightly higher battery capacity giving each battery approximately 75 minutes per charge vs. 60 minutes with the G3. And, since the pro comes with two batteries, you can get around 150 total minutes.

    The reality is that you may not need that much time. Most areas on your body can be massaged in just a few minutes per body part and a total body massage lasting around 30 minutes. The extra battery does come in handy if you work with clients so you can always have one battery charging while the device is in use.

    Which Theragun Model Is Quieter?

    Between the G3 and the G3 Pro, the G3 is the quietist of the two. Both of these models are loud compared to other alternatives like the Hyperice Hypervolt, but they are not obnoxious either. Both sound like what you would expect them to sound like.

    Side By Side Comparison Table

    The quickest way to show the differences between the G3 and G3 Pro is to show a side by side comparison of the features and specifications. The biggest difference between the two are at the top of the table

    Theragun G3

    Max Force




    65 decibels

    75 decibels


    4 Pro Attachments:
    Standard Ball

    6 Pro Attachments:
    Standard Ball
    Large Ball



    Built In Battery

    2 Swappable Batteries

    Battery Type

    Lithium-ion 3 cell

    Lithium-ion 4 cell, 2.5 amp

    Battery Life


    150-minute total minutes,

     75-minutes each

    (percussions/second or PPS)

    2 speeds

    Standard(40 PPS)
    Sensitive (29 PPS)

    2 speeds

    Standard (40 PPS)

    Sensitive (29 PPS)





    10.4 in x 7.9 in x 2.8 in here...

    9.8 in x 7.9 in x 2.8 in


    2.7 lbs


    Theragun G3 vs G3Pro Pros and Cons

    This section will help you decide which Theragun massager is right for you. 

    When To Choose the Theragun G3:

    • When you want a massage that is not as rough or intense while still having plenty of power for the most common uses.
    • When you want a home use percussion massage
    • When you want a cost-effective, budget-friendly option.
    • When you want less noise
    • When you want a massage gun that is lighter and more compact

    When To Choose the Theragun G3 Pro:

    • When you want a professional-grade massage able to support high, daily usage
    • When you want heavy-duty power for larger muscle groups and a deeper massage
    • When you want the flexibility of having a spare battery to swap in and out.
    • When you want additional attachments for more massage options

    Theragun Alternatives

    If you do not see the specifications you are searching for or the Theragun is out of your price range, there are cheaper alternatives out there.