Welcome to the Athlete Recovery Zone

It is our goal to publish the most useful information in the area of sports recovery. By providing our readers with up to date fact-based information, we can help you make informed decisions that will get you ready for your next workout or competition. 

What We Do

We provide tips, how-to guides, and product reviews in the following areas: 

  • Percussion Massage Therapy 
  • Myofascial Release and Foam Rolling
  • Cold and Compression Therapy
  • Sports Performance Nutrition and Recovery
  • Low Impact Training For Injury Rehab and Recovery

Our Team

Co-owners, Gregory Stevens and Vicki Heilig created athleterecoveryzone.com to bring you a new and unique site within the health and fitness field. Early in their physical therapy careers, Greg and Vicki recognized the importance of recovery as a way to increase your performance and help you prevent injuries whether you are an athlete or recreational sports enthusiast. They also realize that there is a lot of advice and conflicting information about sports performance and recover. So they are dedicating this site to help answer questions that you may have on the topic.

Greg and Vicki strongly hope that the information they share will helps you perform your best. 

Gregory Stevens

Gregory Stevens DPT, OCS

Vicki Heilig

Vicki Heilig DPT


John Laufer - Lead Atletic Trainer

How We Do It

As athletes and physical therapists ourselves, we know how important proper nutrition and recovery is to being competition ready. That is why we approach sports recovery from a scientific perspective.  We don't just show you the information or promote gear -- when possible we link to actual peer-reviewed research studies to help you understand the the scientific backing of what we write about. 

Within the health and fitness space, there is a LOT of gimmicks and misleading information. When we write about a topic or review a product, we focus on three core principles:

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Honesty 

Our goal is to provide the facts as straightforward as we can so you can make an informed decision. 

How We Make Money

Athlete Recovery Zone is a business. In order to pay for our operational expenses and allow the Athlete Recovery Zone team to earn a living Athlete Recovery Zone uses referral links.

When you use our links to purchase a product or service Athlete Recovery Zone may earn a referral commission.

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Our referral links may influence the products we review and write about (in addition to where those products appear on the website). However, our referral links do not affect our scores or recommendations, which are based on our research, tests, and analysis.

Companies don’t pay us to review their products and they cannot pay us to rank or score them highly.

In addition, we may use ads on some pages and on our YouTube channel, but we make an effort to make them as non-annoying as possible.